Arizer Solo Vaporizer Reviews

The Arizer Solo On The Marketplace

The E-cigarette revolution is in full swing and is a much different market than it was just a few short years ago. Springing out of the stereotype of just a short-term fad, the E-cig, or vaping market has matured and gained a certain degree of respectability. There was much skepticism, if not outright laughter at what seemed to be a temporary lark in the attempt to pass off a device that just emitted water vapor, and pretending that it was equivalent to cigarette smoke.

Actually, the fact that the vapor is not cigarette smoke is one of the major reasons that e-cigarettes are beginning to give the real tobacco brands a run for their money.

Each year, approximately 160,000 people die from lung cancer, a disease that has been scientifically proven to be primarily caused by tobacco smoking. Tobacco smoke contains over 200 cancer causing chemicals in addition to cyanide and arsenic. It seems rather implausible that people would knowingly inhale a substance like that into their lungs.

Tobacco smoke also leaves a residue of tar, a darkish, gray-black, sticky substance that coats the inner lining of the lung. This eventually destroys the small air sacs, called alveoli, which grab the oxygen that we breathe in and places it into our blood streams. Without that process working, we cannot live, and that is what causes COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). 120,000 people die from COPD each year.

Vaporizers work by the mechanical vaporization of a glycol liquid that is in a container within the e-cig apparatus. Initially, the e-cig looked like a cigarette, long and slender with a fake glowing tip on the end. A battery inside of the device vaporizes the liquid, creating a cloud of water vapor, much like fog. The “smoker” inhales the vapor just like he or she is smoking, and then exhales it into the air.

The e-liquid can also be flavored since the glycol mixture is basically bland itself. Flavors such as fruity ones, mint, peppermint, chocolate, peanut butter, and many others are available for purchase. People can buy their flavors outright outright or they can mix their own combinations. There are different levels of nicotine that are available as well, and that is where the proposition becomes very interesting.

The initial sales of these new and crazy devices was largely due to the fact that people were using electronic cigarettes to get off of smoking tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine is the primary reason people find it so difficult to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, as it is one of the most addictive substances in the world.

If an individual quits tobacco cigarettes and simply switches to an e-cigarette with the same nicotine level, he or she will still get a similar “nicotine hit” as was received when smoking tobacco, so from that standpoint there is little difference between the two.

The electronic cigarette was first commercially marketed in the United States in 2009 and 2010. The earlier models were very simple in design, and even resembled cigarettes in looks. The devices of today are less likely to look like a cigarette, and are designed around the concept of functionality.

Such is the case of the Solo Vaporizer which is manufactured by Arizer. Arizer is a company that produces vaporizers in Canada. Their past products have been their V Tower and the Extreme Q, and their recent product that hit the marketplace in 2011, the Solo Vaporizers.

Arizer Solo

The Solo is primarily used for the use of vaporizing medical marijuana as well as other herbs, and it does a very good job of that, but there are those who will use the Solo for both marijuana and for eliquid. You have to be careful however, and use a cotton wick in the chamber and put it between two thin layers of green and it will work.

Here we are actually talking about a piece of equipment that is designed to heat marijuana leaves to be used for medicinal purposes, but some eliquid can be introduced in small quantities. and it will still give a satisfactory result.

The prior versions of the Arizer products were the V Tower and the Extreme-Q and both were required to be hooked up to an electrical outlet with a cord, which belied their portability. Not so with the Solo which does not require the hookup, and is completely portable with its battery power. Portability has become an extremely important factor with both recreational and medicinal usage for vaporizers and the Solo does the job.

It is powered by a lithium battery that is built-into the unit and will provide power for up to a three hours of vaporizing on a constant basis. There are seven levels of temperature settings, and this is a great feature because different forms of cannabis require different temperatures to release their contents. Another nice feature is the speed of the unit to heat up in only 3 minutes.

In relation to its competition, which consists of other portable vaporizers, the Solo is not as bulky as some of the others, making it easier to carry and store. It its upright position it is about the same size as a small soda can, and has a very hefty and durable feel to it.

Many laud the glass mouthpiece of the solo for its ease of use and the tasty “hits” that it seems to produce. It is thought that the glass is responsible for the clarity and directness of the hits as the vapor comes through it to the mouth. Rather than the plastic taste and smells that emanate from other products, there is no artificial flavor, but just a thick and pure vapor.

The only negative that one user could come up with was that the unit cannot be used at all while it is charging. The AC adapter that is used for charging the Solo is sold separately, and many would appreciate it if the charging unit would be included along with the Solo as that would make things much more convenient.

Many feel that the Arizer Solo Vaporizer has really made inroads in the area of portability in the vaporizing field, with its fine quality and easy portability.

The Solo is really not built for vaping the traditional e-cig way, but lots of people will use it for that purpose simultaneously along with their stash of hash. They just put a drop or two in with their cannabis and get some nicotine that way too. It does take some experimentation so as to not add too much nicotine and eliquid, as it can result in a very harsh taste. A caution too about the nicotine. You should only use a premixed liquid, as too much nicotine can be fatal.

There is the adage that when using any nicotine liquid with the solo, that you get a mixture with only a small amount of nicotine. The primary purpose of using any eliquid at all is to get a larger cloud of vapor, which will happen with eliquid anyway. If you are still very addicted to nicotine, it is suggested that your stick with a regular e-cig setup rather than the herb setup which is what the Solo really is.

The better method to use with the Solo is to use the aromatherapy bowl to burn the eliquids, as the bowl is easier to clean than the tanks and overall apparatus on the e-cigarettes. This can work, but from all reports, you have to really work at it in order to work out the correct amount of the mixtures.

Also, the vapor output is much higher in a more traditional cartridge of an electronic cigarette. The advantage of using a larger vaporizer such as the Solo is that you can use it for both duties, the herbal aspect of the process as well as the eliquid aspect of an ecigarette.

All the qualities of the Solo Vaporizer by Arizer seem to hit a home run from the functionality of the unit. For its use as a vaporizer for the use of heating medicinal marijuana or other herbs, the Solo hits a home run. The only negative that some have put on the unit is that is is not subtle enough, even though it is portable. That seems to really be a bit shallow in its interpretation, because one would rarely take there vaping unit with then to a social occasion to hit on their medicinal marijuana anyway.

Viewing that statement strictly from the viewpoint of using the Solo unit as an electronic cigarette device would probably be closer to the mark. It would seem that even though the unit is portable, its e-cig use would still probably be more effective closer to home anyway.

Nevertheless, the Arizer Solo is crafted in a suburb manner and with its portability, its glass stem and mouthpiece, the seven levels of temperature, and it durability are all characteristics that fall into the plus column. The unit does give off a nice amount of vapor according to users, and the fact that there is the possibility of mixing some eliquid in with the herbs gives it an extra plus that you won’t find in too many other products.

Key Points To Look For In Vaporizer Reviews

This is a process of reviewing the vaporizers that are in the markets. This helps the person who is in need of getting a vaporizer knows the qualities in the market and how they are used where they can choose the best vaporizer that suits them. These reviews help the users in understanding the vaporizers and knowing the latest ones in the market and how efficient they can be.

When one is going through the vaporizer reviews there are key points that one should look for. This will help one to get the important information rather than getting a lot of information that is not useful. Key points will always guide you in the review. These are the things that are considered in vaporizers reviews.

Key Points To Look For In Vaporizer Reviews

One should look at how the vaporizers are packed. The image of a vaporizer plays a great role while buying and using it. This will help you get the best quality that will suit your business. The impressive packing will attract many consumers to purchase the vaporizer and also customers will prefer its services as they will be sure that the services are excellent.

Heating levels of a vaporizer should also be put into consideration. This is because one that emits a lot of heat and does not heat all the concentrates is not good as it only increase the bills as it will keep on using the extra heat to complete the heating process.

One should also consider the vapor production. The vapor produced should be of high quality. A vaporizer that produces low quality vapor is not good for any business person as many customers will not come in and buy the e cigs as they are of poor quality.

Battery life is another key point to look in vaporizer reviews. The longer durability of a battery will make a vaporizer to last long and offer quality services when they are needed without failing the customers. This will also help the user not to run out of charges regularly and will save on electricity costs.

Another key point to look for in vaporizer reviews is the price of the vaporizer. One should consider the buying price of a vaporizer before purchasing it. This will help one to weigh out if it is going to make profits when used and return the invested capital. It is better to purchase something that one will get the value of the money used through the excellent services produced.

The make and model should also be another factor to be considered. Not all models perform the same work the same case applies to vehicles. There are good models that are more efficient than others and this is the reason one has to consider the model before purchasing a vaporizer. The quality of vaporization is also contributed to by the model of the vaporizer being used. The better the model the more the quality services are produced.

In conclusion, one should always consider the key point while reviewing vaporizers in order to get a good vaporizer that is valuable and will offer the best and quality services.

Checklist for Finding the Best Vaporizers

There are many vaporizers to choose from, and all of them seem to offer different options. This can make it confusing and difficult for a consumer to decide on which is the best vaporizer, and if they really are as good as they advertise. The good thing for people searching for vaporizers is that there are a few steps they can take to make the research and decision process a bit easier.

One of the things a customer should think about before purchasing a new vaporizer is how they want the concentrate to be heated, as some use metal plating that heats itself and then heats up the concentrate, while there are some options that heat the vapor by using hot air. The vaporizers that use the metal plating can result in uneven heating, which can leave the vaping experience a bit lackluster.

Another thing consumers should consider is how they want to use the vaporizer. If they want to be able to carry it with them, then a battery operated, portable device would work best. There is also the option of a desktop vaporizer, which needs to be plugged into an outlet while in use. Portable devices can only last as long their battery allows them to before they need to be switched out or recharged, while the desktop version may also have the luxury of being a hand held device, but even those need an outlet.


Besides portability, there are many other differences between the two vaporizers, with one of them being how they deliver the vapor. Desktop versions offer a variety of ways, while the portable versions are usually only meant for a quick puff or two. If a consumer desires to use it with multiple people at once, or for longer periods of them, the desktop vaporizer is the most practical option to go with.

Price is also a big factor when it comes to picking out the vaporizer of one’s dreams. It is always a good idea to do plenty of research and read reviews on any of the vaporizers one is thinking about purchasing. The best vaporizers can be very expensive, but that is because they are high quality. Most of the time, consumers do get what they pay for, and vaporizers are no exception. Before purchasing a vaporizer, it is important for consumers to ask around before making a final decision, in order to know what they are getting before they spend a ton of cash on something that could end up being a disappointment.

The Best Technique for Vaping Herb

This is a process of vaporizing herbs in a vaporizer. The herbs turn into vapor that will be inhaled by the user.

There are many techniques that are used for vaping herbs. But as for each and every process that is done, they are many ways of doing that particular thing, but there is always the best way to perform it in an efficient way and produce the best results that are worth the process. The choice of the best technique to be used depends on the person who needs that process as to yield the required results.

Techniques used to perform various activities vary from one person to the other. For example, two people might be cooking the same food, but using different cooking techniques and hear what will matter is how the final product will be like as they say the there are many ways of killing a rat it depends on the way that will suit you and the one that you prefer in carrying out the task and it should be satisfying to the user.

19Vaping herb too has various techniques used, but there is the best that produces the best products that are appealing to the user and satisfying to the owner of the vape lounge as they will attract many customers in their business making them earn a lot of profit.

Technology has made many techniques to be introduced in the market that are affordable and efficient in their use. The equipments used are also effective, producing high results. There is a great satisfaction in trying something new and transitioning to vaporizer use as it yields a lot and the value of money is seen.

Vaping herb can be inhaled through the mouth or directly into the lungs depending with the preference of the user. After an experiment was carried out it was discovered that the best technique for vaping herb is to inhale and hold, roll the vapor in the mouth and one can choose to breathe it into the lungs or not. After inhaling, extra air is taken in through the nose rather than the mouth, so fewer vapor is drawn into the lungs. This technique makes the user not to choke which leads to coughing and experience a good feeling. It also helps in that not all what is inhaled is absorbed hence reduces health risks that can be caused through inhaling the vapor. Inhaling the vapor and holding it for a little while in the mouth before swallowing it into the lungs.

In conclusion, the best technique for vaping herbs depends with the preference of the user as what works best for one person does not necessarily work for the other. The choice is left for the user to choose the one that suits his or her health and still gets the pleasant experience that comes after inhaling the herb. Furthermore, vaping is more communally acceptable than normal cigarette smoking, because the unpleasant problems linked with cigarette smoking have been easily been eliminated.

The Latest On Vaping And Health

Vaping is described as the act of taking in water vapor done through a personal electronic cigarette or vaporizer.   It is better than smoking as it is regarded to be safe in the intake of nicotine, although it has harmful effects on health. This is because one inhales vapor and not smoke into the lungs. The vapor might have harmful substances that can still harm your health. It gives pleasure to the one enjoying it as it is more fun than smoking and has different flavors making it to be better. It has advantages and disadvantages of health although its long term effects have not yet been discovered. This is because it is a recent product in the market and research is still going on and it has not yet been adopted in many countries around the world.

As said earlier, research is still being carried out and more about vaping is yet to be discovered. This has not stated the clear effects of vaping on one’s health. Various scientists are still going on with studies related to vaping and health. Some of them have come up with the harmful effects of vaping on people’s health and they have written them down in their different journals so that they can educate the users as well as non-users.

Although vaping is safer than smoking some studies have discovered that there are health risks associated with it.

New studies show that electronic cigarettes are marketed as the best option to than normal cigarettes offer a cocktail of toxic chemicals such as carcinogens into the lungs. Using e Cigarettes may also make the bacterial infections defiant to antibiotics, according to a study carried out in U.S. Vaping really pollutes lungs with some toxic chemicals and can even cause antibiotic defiant drugs harder to kill.

There is no single question that the puff on best e cigarette is really less toxic compared to a puff on a standard cigarette. This is what the top experts in the field say. But also, a few studies have   been done on the toxicity of the vapors. As a result, the scientists have been cautious about unfolding e cigarettes as the biggest science news.

The higher temperatures used in vaporizers can also be harmful to the health of the user and may sometimes cause cancers as they might burn the herbs excessively and some chemicals in the vaporizer break down which can be carcinogenic.

In conclusion, vaping pauses negative effects on the health of a user. If the user does not have access on the information about vaping and health effects caused by vaping may cause dangerous illness like cancer which leads to death. Besides the understandable health reimbursements of vaping compared to smoking, vaping does not leave a smoky smell or even a tobacco film, and there any release of harmful chemicals that could harm your friends, just a nice vapor which dissipates right away. The e-liquid, that’s heated by the constituent found in the vape pens as well as the e-cigarettes, comes with lots of flavors that the users can really enjoy.

Buying Vaporizers At Smoke Shops Or Online?

These are stores selling tobacco products and smoking equipment. Products offered include pipes, cigarette clips, rolling papers, vaporizers, scales, black light, rolling machines,  legal highs and lighters such as whipped cream chargers which comes with Salvia divinorum and nitrous oxide, both of which are against the law in a number of nations and some US states for recreational purposes. They are located in different areas depending on the availability of tobacco.

Vaporizers can be purchased from both smoke shops and online. With the advance in technology there have been the establishments of online smoke shops where consumers buy their products and delivery done at their doorstep. They provide their customers with the best local glass, high quality vaporizers and fine imports. They also provide competitive pricing and excellent customer service before, during and after the sale.


Smoke shops have gone online in most countries. Many shops have been established to cater the increasing consumer’s needs as the technology is improving the lifestyle of people around the world. In the online smoke shops, they offer bongs, bubbler, water pipes, vaporizers, rolling papers, scales and many other equipment associated with smoking. They offer low shipping rates worldwide, hence making it easier for the consumers to get the products in an easier and cheaper way. They offer a great satisfaction to their consumers through the services offered to them. Their customers get value for their money and this attracts more consumers to purchase the products online.

The online smoke shops keep a very close eye on the very latest vaporizers that are on the market and stock several portable kinds of such as rechargeable pen vaporizers. This should always be done by the sellers in the online smoke shops so that they can keep up with the current changing trends. Technology has made this easier as they get access to new products online which they offer to their consumers. Online smoke shops have an ever expanding variety stock and are always adding new and exciting products to provide their customers with. This has lead to the growth of the industry due to the excellent services offered by the smoke shops hence attracting many customers and new ones coming into the business. Products offered are of high quality which the consumers enjoy and prefer as they will too boost their businesses and also gain a lot of profit as people like quality products so that they can get their value for the money spent in getting the service.

In conclusion, purchasing tobacco products and equipment online helps one get the best quality as you first view it before placing an order for it and also get the information needed in an easier way. The products are unique and one can compare the various tobacco products and equipments from various online smoke shops and settle on the best quality which can offer all the services he or she requires. Online purchasing has assisted many customers acquire the services needed in an easier way without incurring transport charges in that one does not go from one smoke shop to another comparing the products but does this in an easier way and this reduces transportation charges.

Solid and satisfying: The Iolite original vaporizer

It is a solid and satisfying vaporizer. This is because of the way it is made. It has powerful parts that make it solid and satisfying to the user. The Iolite unique vaporizer was first introduced in the market in the year 2008; it uses a kind of a flameless gas catalytic change heating technique and thermostatic heat gauge. It is a small vaporizer in that the iolite original vaporizer fits in the palm of the hand without any traditional restrictions such as battery packs and power cords. This makes it suitable as it does not any restrictions in carrying it.

Key customer needs such as the size, affluent vapor production and most prominently true portable freedom are being addressed by the iolite original vaporizer. The iolite is making a prevailing impact on the handy vaporizer marketplace This has made many consumers to go for it as it can be carried anywhere it is needed due to the small size it has and still performs the same functions of other vaporizers in an efficient way. It is not heavy and does not require a specialized way of carrying it as long as the parts of the iolite original vaporizer are not tempered with while carrying it.


The Iolite vaporizer is very easy to use. It has a very basic functionality and easy to follow instructions as they are included with every unit. Most consumers have said that they have been able to follow the detailed illustrations without any single confusion. This is because it comes with a manual which has clearly written instructions. By this it is not complicated to use and one does not need to undergo a crash course on iolite vaporizers. It only requires one to be literate.

The following is how the iolite vaporizer is used and how easy it is to operate. It has switches that are well marked showing the one for putting it on and putting off. It has an orange light that shows when the iolite is have been turned on. One does not need to keep on turning on the light so as to achieve the required vaporization temperature. This makes the iolite original vaporizer to be more solid and satisfying to the consumer. It cooks faster after it has been turned off, hence so efficient.

It has a package which comes with all spare parts needed for its maintenance. This helps the consumer as one will not go looking for spare parts in the maintenance shops hence saves a lot of time. One only needs to change the spare parts as they are already there and instructions are given on how to fix them.

The iolite vaporizer is more effective. This is because it has a long warranty that is two years and this shows how durable it is. It gives the user good service for long without the emergence of complications.

In conclusion, it is an impressive unit due to its ability to solve the traditional restrictions of cords and batteries.